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DCONBRKN4XiNotes - Fixed an issue where rescheduling a meeting for all instances wasn't working when there was an external invitee.
HOKA94NCQWClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where sending an email to both an internal and an external user where Cancelling from the Internet Mail Format prompt...
HYZGC4B7RHiNotes - Fixed a problem where the height of To/Cc/Bcc fields was too large in Firefox 89.
SSIHC4U2T2iNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where an unexpected line break appear on hitting enter in rich text editor on IE
HGARC4WKN2iNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where the mail header was not correctly aligned.
CSAA9VME3HClient - Signatures - Fixed an issue where the Notes client would hang when opening any email with an animated gif file in the...
RJJJBYRJC5Server - Mail - Fixed an issue where Domino was reordering the Content-type & Content-transfer-encoding headers as mail message passed thru Domino...
KJEG9XXR5TClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where user cannot save an email using File>Save As>type .Eml file when the email subject contains a tab...
SSIHBJ4E96Client - Attachments - Fixed an issue where .eml attachments within a mail message that contains Arabic or Chinese characters in the subject were...
ATHNBQ96R5Client - Mail - Fixed an issue with mail rules where client mail rules were not working if the rule was looking for Subject containing square...
FPAIBZ7TE3iNotes - Fixed a problem where name validation would fail in iNotes and Verse if the internet mail address contained the "+"...
TRANBLV9TXClient - Mail - Fixed an issue in some translated Notes clients where opening the local replica of user's mail database from their Notes Client...
JNAOC5QCB4Client - Mail - Fixed an issue where the Show Name Details.. option for a recipient was showing the wrong user account info from within a sent email...
KMOAC748KGiNotes - Fixed a problem where the Track Message function was not working in Firefox and Chrome.
CSAOC795XPiNotes - Fixed a problem where the cursor was not set or was set to incorrect position in the editor when replying with history on Chrome or...
AHBAC3D9RNClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where sender's field was not showing the Alternate From value that the recipient had selected.
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